Don’t forget that it is also LUSH for your hair!

I was surprised to get an unexpected package from Lush last week, and even more to open it and find hair care products! I used their hair care at the university (American Dream conditioner shook my world) but I guess when I moved to Northern Alberta – and the closest Lush was more than 5 hours away – I got out of the habit of using it and never tried it again. Now, I will try more to refill!

My package includes:

  • #BeCrueltyFree shampoo and shampoo cans
    When stress or life approaches your head and your hair starts to thin out, it motivates your tired scalp by stimulating clove oil and cinnamon and infusing peppermint. This spicy blade also has rosemary and nettle to soothe irritated scalp and make your hair shiny and soft. With the special message #BeCrueltyFree, our New Bestseller encourages everyone to join in the conversation about ending animal testing forever. Visit our friends at the Humane Society International to learn more and take action.
  • Vegan conditioner
    Our lightweight lemony conditioner is perfect for fine-haired and vegan people, or anyone who wants to rinse after shampooing which won’t burden the hair. Made with a mineral-rich gel base for softening hair and herbal rosemary and lavender infusion for a healthy scalp, this one also gives a beautiful sparkling luster thanks to lemon oil and juice.
  • Hair moisturizer R & B
    For fine, curly-free hair, use our feeling hair moisturizer. Just a small drop will make your hair soft and conditioned throughout the day with a beautiful mixture of avocado butter, olives, jojoba oil and coconut oil and wax candles. Tantalizing orange flowers and jasmine perfume will help you find your path, and if you’re lucky, someone also joins the boogie!
    In particular, I like the #BeCrueltyFree shampoo bar for a refreshing cinnamon aroma and ease of use. Why haven’t I packed solid shampoo when we travel? You don’t need to worry about messy spills in your toiletry bag with one of them! The R & B moisturizer has the aroma that I will take a shower – and maybe I can, know Lush – and it works well on my curly hair. You can find these items and more at the Lush store near you or when you shop online!

Disclosure: I was sent a product from Lush to facilitate posting my review. All opinions expressed are always mine alone!