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Wordless Wednesday – Monkey

Before I had a toddler, I didn’t understand the appeal of those backpacks with leashes.  Why not let your kid walk, or stick them in a stroller or cart?  Then my daughter started her “I can do it MYSELF” phase and I realized the genius of the toddler harness backpack.  She can walk independently, I can keep my sanity.   Plus, the monkey is adorable and she loves it so much that she snuggles it in the car.  Win/win! Read more […]

Wordless Wednesday – Bunny

  This is Bunny.  Bunny used to be for nap and bed only, but recently has become an all-around friend.  We’ve bought a backup (that looks almost nothing like this one, but Ashlyn loves it anyways) just in case, heaven forbid, Bunny should be left somewhere.

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