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DIY Christmas Ornaments

Every year I get a new ornament for our tree.  My mom always got me and my brother an ornament and it was so special for me to have a tree full of ornaments with memories attached to them when I moved a few provinces away with my then-boyfriend (now husband).  I’m continuing the tradition for my girls, but this year I changed it up a bit and had them help me make ornaments that will help us to remember just how small they once were. This is Ashlyn’s ornament: Basically, you cover the Read more […]

Christmas cookies – Gingerbread men

I’m having so much fun this year, getting ready for Christmas with my little elf (Ashlyn) by my side!  She’s really into all of the preparations this year, and she loves to bake, so I thought it would be a lot of fun to have a few of her friends over for a cookie-decorating play date last week. Once I realized that I had invited a total of SIX 2-2.5 year olds, plus their five siblings ranging from newborn to 11 months old (and mommies, of course!), I thought it was the craziest idea I’d ever Read more […]

Christmas cookies – Butter Tarts

Back when we lived in Alberta, it was a tradition every year for my closest girlfriends to get together and do some Christmas baking, and Joleen’s butter tarts were always at the top on the list of things to make!  Sadly, all but one of us have moved away from that town now (although I’m the farthest away in Ontario) but we’ll see each other next month at a scrapbooking/visiting weekend and I can’t wait.  These butter tarts are delicious and so easy to make – but don’t tell anyone that and just Read more […]

My Christmas Tree Confession

Here we are on the 10th of January, and my Christmas tree is still fully decorated and hanging out in my living room.  I’ve been talking about taking it down since the first but somehow I just can’t quite do it. Partly because it’s not something that can be done while my toddler is awake, since she’ll want to “help” and that will just be chaos.  Partly due to general laziness.  And partly because it’s so pretty and the house looks so “blah” when all of the Christmas decorations get put away. Anyone Read more […]

Christmas Aftermath

At 1.5 years old, Ashlyn didn’t have the anticipation of Christmas, but she sure enjoyed every minute of it!  We had our first Christmas in 6 years where we could spend time with family and we had a wonderful holiday season.  Next year will be even more fun, with a second baby and a child will really “get it”. I can’t wait! I think the hardest part was finding new homes for all of her new toys…and is it just me or do they multiply in the night all by themselves? Read more […]

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