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Empire Theatres Holiday Program

We all have them – the “impossible to buy for” people on your holiday list.  For me it’s my brother-in-law’s family; they’re wonderful people but they never seem to need or want anything – and I’m sure they say the same thing about us!  We’re all fortunate enough to have more than enough ‘stuff’ but that doesn’t mean that we don’t want to get them something to open on Christmas Day.  My solution?  Give an experience instead of an item! A great experience, especially for parents who may Read more […]

Find Uncommon Gifts at Uncommon Goods

Stocking Stuffers are so much fun to buy, and yet can be the hardest gift at the same time!  Do you go random, or practical – and do they really have to fit in the stocking?  I tend to do a little of both, and then pile everything around and under the stocking too.  With 2 young children this year, I’m avoiding the mall as much as possible and looking to my favourite online stores to do the bulk of my shopping.  First on my list is Uncommon Goods; With a name like that, you know you’ll find Read more […]

Little Mommy™ My Very Real Baby™ Doll

All Ashlyn wants for Christmas this year is a new baby doll.  She even worked up the nerve to ask Santa for one in person, only to find out that she has to wait for Christmas Day to get it! I received the Little Mommy™ My Very Real Baby™ Doll from Mattel to review and I know Ashlyn is going to love it when she opens it!  For ages 2 and up, this little doll has all sorts of features that will make my little girl feel like a ‘little mommy’.  The doll says a number of phrases, including Read more […]

Merry Mailbox (giveaway)

This is the first year that Ashlyn has been old enough to begin to understand the magic of Santa.  We took her to get her picture taken with Santa on Wednesday, and once she worked up the nerve to actually talk to him she was a little put out that she asked Santa very politely for a new baby doll and didn’t get it right then and there. Merry Mailbox is an Etsy store that lets your child receive a personalized letter from Santa!  All you have to do is answer some questions and Santa’s speical Read more […]

Stonz Mittz (giveaway)

One of my biggest pet peeves is trying to get, and keep, mittens on a baby during the winter.  Ashlyn acted as though we were amputating her hands every time we tried to force those teeny baby mittens on her hands, and then she’d promptly manage to get the mittens off and her little hands would freeze.  Luckily, we were in Vancouver at the time and it wasn’t very cold during the winter so she survived.  Now that we’re in Ottawa, I knew that Rowan would require something better to keep her Read more […]

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