Fairy Dancing (giveaway)

Am I the only one who thinks winter is never going to end?  Between the weather and our various illnesses, we've been spending much more time inside than any of us would like to.   Watching “The Fairies - Fairy Dancing” is a great way for Ashlyn to pass the afternoon when Rowan is napping!  "From jazz to tap, tango to rock 'n roll, bootskooting to ballet, the fairies discover so many different kinds of fan-fairy-tastic songs and dances. Featuring all of the Fairyland friends dancing, Read more [...]

Wordless Wednesday – Live from CHEO, it’s Rowan!

Since my quarantine post, things have gone even more downhill.  Poor little Rowan was admitted to the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) on Saturday with bronchiolitis caused by RSV, topped off with pnemonia, and we've been here ever since.  Finally, she's starting to feel better!  This was taken with my terribly old, non-high-tech cell phone so the quality is terrible but I think you can still she her big grin: We've had fantastic treatment and I'm so glad that we were able Read more [...]

(Not so) Wordless Wednesday – Quarantine

This sign should be on our front door. There are 4 people in our family.  Since Friday, we've had 1 stomach flu, 3 colds, 1 cold that turned into bronchiolitis and required a trip to CHEO's emergency room for Rowan (4 masks with epinephrine and oxygen, 1 dose of steroids, 2 blow-bys [oxygen mask close but not on her], and 9 hours later we got to go home - cannot say enough good things about the wonderful treatment we had by all of the doctors and nurses!), and an ear infection. We Read more [...]

Dressing up is fun all year long

I've officially hit the 'I'm sick of winter' phase and there are still a good 2 months left.  It can be so hard to find new ways to entertain a little one when it's too cold to play outside - or snowy, or rainy and icy as it has been for so much of our winter so far.  One thing that Ashlyn always enjoys doing when we're cooped up inside is playing dress-up!  She has a fairly recent obsession with Disney Fairies and her favourite thing to do these days is to grab a blanket to use as 'wings' Read more [...]

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