Dressing up is fun all year long

I've officially hit the 'I'm sick of winter' phase and there are still a good 2 months left.  It can be so hard to find new ways to entertain a little one when it's too cold to play outside - or snowy, or rainy and icy as it has been for so much of our winter so far.  One thing that Ashlyn always enjoys doing when we're cooped up inside is playing dress-up!  She has a fairly recent obsession with Disney Fairies and her favourite thing to do these days is to grab a blanket to use as 'wings' Read more [...]

Valentine’s Day Cards

It seems like as soon as one holiday is over, there is another to look forward to!  With Valentine's Day just a few weeks away I'm starting to think of fun activities to do with Ashlyn and her little friends.  There will be baking for sure - perhaps some sort of heart-shaped rice crispie treat since Ashlyn likes making those so much? - and crafts.  We ordered some classroom Valentine’s Day cards from Minted.com for Ashlyn and Rowan to hand out to their friends and send to our family members Read more [...]

I thought it was called ‘spring’ cleaning?

You always hear about spring cleaning, but for me the cleaning bug always seems to hit mid-winter.  I think it's because when the weather is nice we're not spending much time inside, but now that it's cold and icy/slushy/snowy outside we're inside most of the time and the clutter has more opportunity to make me crazy enough to actually do something about it! My first order of business was to organize Ashlyn's craft stuff better.  I had it all in 2 plastic totes on top of our pantry and it wasn't Read more [...]

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