May the Fourth Be With You

Can you tell our whole family are fans of Star Wars?  I wasn't really into sci-fi before I met my husband but I must  admit that my inner geek has really come out the last few (er, 9) years that we've been together!   On Star Wars day, May the Fourth be with you ;) Read more [...]

Happy Mother’s Day from Dorset Cereals (giveaway)

  If Ashlyn had her way, she'd have cereal for at least 2, if not 3, meals a day.  I'm always checking the cereal aisle to find a cereal that is good for her but still tastes as yummy as the sugary stuff that she reaches for.  I was happy to receive a package from Dorset Cereals featuring a variety of their delicious and nutritious cereals and my family has been more than happy to help me taste-test them! Our current favourite is Super Cranberry, Cherry & Almond Muesli.  Full of cranberries, Read more [...]

Wordless Wednesday – Sliding

Ashlyn was (and is) all about swings, but for Rowan it’s the slide.  If you’re not careful, she’ll even try to climb up it to give you a ‘subtle’ hint that she’d like to slide now.  The parks should be fun this summer!


When Ashlyn told me, with wonder and glee, that it was snowing this morning, I thought she was teasing me.  Guess we shouldn’t have taken off the snow tires last week.

What’s the weather like where you are this morning?

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