Display your memories with Penguin Papyrus (giveaway)

It's that time of year again for us: the annual Santa picture.  I will use any excuse to post this gem from 2 years ago, when Ashlyn was 1.5: I can only hope that Rowan provides a similarly entertaining picture this year!  No matter what, I like to incorporate the Santa pictures into my holiday decor and this year I'm happy to display their picture on our mantel in a beautiful frame on from Penguin Papyrus.  I have worked with Penguin Papyrus before on some beautiful artwork for my girls Read more [...]

Prep & Landing: Totally Tinsel Collection (giveaway)

True story: back when I was in university, my roommates and I used to write down when our favourite holiday movies were on tv so that we could all procrastinate watch together.  This was back in the dark ages before PVRs and time shifting when you only had one chance to catch a show or you missed out completely.  Now you can record television easily but the odd glitch (ie me deleting our entire PVR instead of the one show I intended to) means I like to have our favourite movies on DVD for safekeeping.  Read more [...]

Have a Groovy Girls holiday with Cali Candy Cane (giveaway)

Have you heard of Groovy Girls?  Now that Ashlyn is in the middle of a huge "I love dolls" stage - that, if my childhood is any indication, is likely going to last for years - I'm being introduced to all sorts of brands that weren't around when I was a kid.  Groovy Girls have a fantastic message that I'm happy to pass along to my girls: Groovy Girls® is a one-of-a kind line of dolls and accessories that reflect and appeal to a girl’s sense of fashion and style as well as her many interests.  Read more [...]

Spread some holiday cheer with cards from Minted (giveaway)

I've been sending out Christmas cards for years now.  It started with handmade cards for a few family members and friends, but my list has grown over the years and unfortunately I just can't find the time for crafting these days.  I still want a card that feels personal and that's why I turn to Minted! This year I chose from the holiday postcard collection.  You can choose to write a small paragraph or two on the back, or include an additional picture.  While I've never done an Read more [...]

I See Me! (giveaway)

I'm so happy that my girls have inherited the 'bookworm' gene from my husband and myself.  It's fun to see what they gravitate to and what will keep their attention.  I See Me! makes reading even more fun because they create books just for your little one! My girls love anything that has their names on it so I was more than happy to pick a book to review!  I thought that it would be fun to find a Christmas book and when I saw that there was a board book available my decision was made.  Read more [...]

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