Wordless Wednesday – 2 more days

Just 2 more days until my baby girl  turns two! The speed that time is flying by is blowing my mind these days. It doesn't help matters that she's telling everyone that she's turning 3.  Hang on baby girl, you're still 1 for the moment! Pictures taken by Elizabeth Fulton Photography Read more [...]

Kick off March Break with LEGO DUPLO on sale at Indigo (giveaway)

My girls aren't old enough for school yet but March Break still has an effect on our routines.  Classes are cancelled so that March Break programs can be run and we need things to do! Happily for us, we live very close to an Indigo and it's always a hit for the girls: books galore to read and fun toys to play with (and Mommy can pick up a Starbucks coffee too). Indigo Kids has all sorts of spring break activities that you can sign up for so check out your local store for more information! We Read more [...]

Spring into fun with Chloe’s Closet: Outdoor Explorer!

Spring is (allegedly) just around the corner, though there's still far too much snow outside for my liking!  Helping us get into a spring frame of mind is a new release from NCircle Entertainment, Chloe's Closet: Outdoor Explorer!   Join the Chloe and friends on this brand-new outdoor adventure! Chloe discovers magical new worlds while playing dress-up. With each new costume Chloe tries on, she goes on a fantastical journey with her best friends! Join them as they make things grow, Read more [...]

Sharing is not enough; back up your pictures!

This week I've been posting (and posting) about our trip to Orlando.  What can I say, it was our first trip as a young family that actually felt like a vacation and not like more work than being home and that was pretty exciting for us! I've already ordered a photo book, because even though life has been busier than ever since we got back I know that if I didn't do it right away, it would end up at the bottom of my "to do" list and by the time it got done - and let's be realistic, "if ever" is Read more [...]

Discovering the Disney magic at Magic Kingdom

It's a good thing that I like eating my own words, because I do it all the time - especially now that I'm a parent!  We'd been planning our trip to Orlando for months and the first question asked was always "Are you going to Disney World?" which was always answered with a mildly horrified "are you kidding?  It would be a gong-show with a 23 month old and a 3.75 year old!  No way!".  My oldest has been asking to go on a regular basis since around this time last year when her cousins, and then Read more [...]

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