How to make the coolest sandbox ever

Step 1: Mention that your current backyard sandbox is getting too small for your kids; when a friend suggests having your husband build them a new one immediately go online to find the most perfect plans for a sandbox with built-in seats that turn into the lid. Step 2: let your husband see your children crammed into their current sandbox. Step 3: show your husband the plans the next day, try not to fall down from shock when he goes right to Home Depot to get the supplies. Step 4: admire Read more [...]

Making a princess cake for a princess’s 4th birthday

To the surprise of no one, Ashlyn chose a 'princess' theme for her birthday party last weekend. In order to make a princess cake, I decided on a rainbow velvet cake baked in a bundt pan and one of those creepy half-doll things you can find at craft or bulk stores. I started by making the cake, using more food colouring gel this time to make the colour more vibrant: Next came the fun part: decorating it! I placed a regular sized cupcake inside the middle of the bundt cake, then a giant cupcake Read more [...]

Make lunch healthy and fun with “Stealth Health Lunches Kids Love”

My girls love to help me and my husband in the kitchen. They have their own aprons and are so proud of their accomplishments when we let them crack an egg or stir some ingredients together. I think it's so important for kids to understand that food doesn't just magically appear, it takes a bit of effort and it's a skill worth learning! Unfortunately, involving them in cooking has yet to tame my oldest's picky tendencies but we're not giving up. One meal that I really want to work on is lunch. Read more [...]

Who needs spring?

Clearly not Ottawa, since we've basically skipped right into summer! After months and months of being mostly housebound due to the never-ending winter (please don't send me hate mail if you still have snow where you are right now!), my girls can't get enough of being outside these days. It makes for a quiet blog since I'm not in front of a computer very often but how can I resist these faces? Even the cat is happy to put on her harness and lead if it means she gets some deck time. Are Read more [...]

ComfyRumps cloth diapers (giveaway)

While I am hopefully in the home stretch of using diapers, I haven't starting the potty training process with my youngest yet. This means that I'm still looking for cloth diapers that are cute, won't break the bank (especially since I'm hoping to only be using them for a few more months) and fit a very active 2 year old. ComfyRumps, located in Port Moody, BC, was kind enough to send me one of their original ComfyRumps cloth diaper in midnight black to review. The ComfyRumps original is Read more [...]

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