Travelling with kids survival guide

Ah, summer. Mornings at the park, playing at splash pads, and lots of time in the van making the rounds to visit family spread all over the country. Our average trip takes us 6 hours each way (or longer, depending on the number of bathroom breaks and the amount of traffic and construction that we run in to) and we make that trip at least 4 times a year so I've compiled a few of our survival tips to try and help our my fellow travelling mommies this summer. They aren't rocket science but the trips Read more [...]

“Old made New” with Honey Nut Cheerios Hearty Oat Crunch (giveaway)

I'm a big believer in trying to make what you have work instead of buying something new. Sometimes it's because you just can't get the same quality from a new item. Take this classic 'beauty' of a chair (that's me at 1 week old with my mom) that we had reupholstered (photo of newborn Ashlyn taken by Carol-Ann Photography); it's 30+ years old and still one of the most comfortable chairs I've ever sat in. I'm trying to get brave enough to tackle DIY reupholstering our dining room chairs that we Read more [...]

What’s for dinner – Food Network Stars edition

We watch a lot of Food Network. It's always safe to have one when the kids are around and it frequently inspires a dinner menu. Here are a few of our recent favourites: We were watching Pioneer Woman the other night - it's Ashlyn's favourite show because it's on a farm and she has a lot of kids - and Ree made salisbury steak which I've never had before. Silly me, I actually thought that it was steak, not ground beef! I was skeptical but it was delicious, especially with the cornbread muffins Read more [...]

Kidorable Kids Towels are your cure for the summertime blues (coupon code)

Oh summer fun, how we've missed you! As far as my girls are concerned, as soon as the snow is gone, it's time to play outside - preferably  in some sort of water. Splash pads, sprinklers, pools, water's all a good time! It never fails to make me laugh because these girls of mine turn purple and cry in the pool during their swimming lessons if the water is too cold, but at the slightest hint of a sunny day they're begging to have the pool and water table filled up with freezing cold Read more [...]

Wordless Wednesday – Star Wars Identities

Since we're big Star Wars fans in our house (as evidenced by Rowan's Star Wars birthday party and our Star Wars cookies), it's no surprise that we bought tickets for the Star Wars Identities exhibit at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum as soon as they became available. We all had a lot of fun and the girls got to pick a toy from the gift shop at the end which they wanted to play with as soon as we got in the van. The next day Rowan was playing quietly and when we went to investigate, this Read more [...]

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