Sweet Dreams with JOHNSON’S® NATURAL®

Ah, the bedtime routine. It can be both the best and worst time of day, am I right? It seems like we're running against the clock from the minute Ashlyn gets off the bus from school, and some nights even the beloved bath time has to be sacrificed if it's getting too late. With my two bookworms, it's more important to get a story these days! It's funny how our story time location has changed over the years. When Ashlyn was a toddler, we'd read together in her rocking chair, and then on the floor Read more [...]

Wiggly Halloween (#giveaway)

It's finally happened: we have Wiggles fans in the house. From the moment Wiggly Halloween arrived from NCircle Entertainment, both my 2.5 and 4.5 year olds have been singing and dancing along! I appreciate any movie that can hold the attention of both of my girls at the same time, and if they can learn some fun songs then I consider it a great bonus. Their hand's down favourite songs are "I Stamp" and "Hey, Billy Bat!". I've even found myself singing along to some of the songs. There is Read more [...]

LUSH scares up more bath time fun!

I remember when LUSH goodies were my special treat. I've spoiled my girls by letting them sample LUSH's amazing bubble bars and bath bombs and now when a package arrives in the mail smelling just like a LUSH store, it's all I can do to open it before they're trying to grab the goods and make off to the tub! Just for Halloween, LUSH has created two special creatures of the...Baaaaaath - Pumkin (a bubble bar that is described as a delicately-blended sweet and earthy aroma of orange flower absolute Read more [...]

GoldieBlox and the Spinning Machine (#giveaway)

Have you heard about GoldieBlox? This toy has been winning accolades for months and has been burning up my Facebook feed recently, especially now that the holidays are just around the corner and people are looking for gift ideas. Debbie Sterling is the founder and CEO and she created GoldieBlox as a way to get young girls interested in engineering. Watch the video below to see where her vision came from and why GoldieBlox is different from any building toy that you've ever seen! As Read more [...]

The Little Mermaid Diamond Edition (review)

I'm always happy to find that a childhood favourite has held up to the test of time! As I mentioned in my Little Mermaid Diamond Edition giveaway post, we've been watching this classic on VHS for the last few years so I knew that the story line would still be every bit as magical as I remembered, but I was really interested to see what the difference would be in the quality of the Blu-Ray edition. The answer is that it's like being back at the theatre! The best part about the Disney Diamond Read more [...]

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