Send your Season’s Greetings with MailPix (#giveaway)

It seems to be a less common practice every year, but I always send out Christmas cards and I look forward to the holiday season because I know that at least some of our friends and family will also be sending cards. Any card is appreciated, but I particularly look forward to the homemade or photo cards to see how each family is changing and growing as the years go by. This year I was given the opportunity to create double sided 5x7 holiday greeting cards from MailPix, which are the best Read more [...]

Give the Gift of a New Friend with Mooshka Dolls

I loved playing with dolls when I was a little girl, so it makes me so happy to see my own daughters playing with my dolls. It's so sweet to watch them take care of their 'babies' and while I'm happy to share my childhood toys, it's also lots of fun to see what new dolls are on the market. My friends at MGA Entertainment sent a lovely Mooshka doll that I know Rowan will love to find under the tree this year. Who are the Mooshka dolls? Mooshka dolls were once paper dolls, until one day they Read more [...]

Warm up with LUSH for the holidays (#giveaway)

Winter is coming - or is already here, depending on where you're living. Things are certainly a lot colder in Ottawa and we even had our first snowfall this weekend, though thankfully it's gone for now. Cold nights mean that warm baths before bed are even more fun for my girls and there's no better way to make bath time fun than with some goodies from LUSH! Their holiday line is full of old favourites and new treats. Here's what we were sent: Gold FUN is a new, limited-edition version of Read more [...]

Play and learn with TCG Toys (#giveaway)

I am a huge proponent of learning through play. I love watching my daughters work out problems, try out different techniques and explore their worlds while they play. This year, for the first time, our tree will have a lot of games underneath it! Rowan is a touch young for many games at 2.5 but she never wants to be left out, so I was very happy that my friends at TCG Toys introduced me to the Fisher-Price line of games that are aimed at toddlers and preschoolers. First, a little about the Read more [...]

Skwooshi makes a great stocking stuffer

I know that letting kids play with dough can be divisive: some moms love the quiet that it can afford, others can't handle the mess that usually occurs! The fun that is had playing with dough usually negates the mess for me and I was happy to receive a new kind of 'action compound' by Skwooshi to try out! What makes Skwooshi different? The main claim to fame is that it won't dry out and I can agree that a few weeks into playing with it, this seems to be true. I found a piece on a rolling Read more [...]

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