Meet the Doozers (#giveaway)

I think that all parents can relate to this confession: I steer my daughters towards television shows and movies that I like to watch too, or at least can tolerate in the background. If a character is whiny, rude or sings a really catchy but annoying song, I will do my best to squash that interest. The girls had seen a few episodes of Doozers on television and we all enjoyed it, but it was a tricky show to catch and often our PVR would miss the beginning or ending of the short episodes. I was quite Read more [...]

Off the hook: my crochet projects with pattern links

It's been about a year since I taught myself to crochet and quite a while since I've posted pictures of my projects. I've been keeping a pretty steady pace and wanted to share! I had to remake Rowan's hat that I linked to above because she grew and it didn't fit anymore. This picture was taken in January - I really hope it still fits her this fall! I'm pretty sure that I used this shells baby hat with earflaps pattern but I made a different flower. I made Ashlyn a doll blanket using the Moogly Read more [...]

Kidizoom® Action Cam by VTech®

"Mommy, can you take a picture or a video of me?" I hear that question almost every time we go to the park or play in the backyard. I'm glad that my daughters are excited about their new skills, but I don't always have my camera (or phone) on me to do it, and even if I do, they can't access the files on my laptop anyways! The Kidizoom® Action Cam by VTech® lets kids not only take pictures and videos, but it comes with a waterproof case AND accessories to mount it on a bike or skateboard. Features Read more [...]

Marvel Universe Live! review

Last night was full of excitement as my family attended the opening performance of Marvel Universe Live! at the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa! While my husband has a good knowledge of the Marvel super hero universe, mine is limited to the most recent Avengers movies and our daughters are pretty new to the whole Marvel scene. We knew to expect a lot of action, stunts and special effects and we were not disappointed! Both of my daughters were most excited to see Black Widow so they had Read more [...]

Mini Lalaloopsy™ Sugary Sweet dolls are a real treat (#giveaway)

Meet the  Mini Lalaloopsy™ Sugary Sweet girls: Sugar Fruit Drops, Blush Pink Pastry, Whirly Stretchy Locks and Grapevine Stripes! Each doll comes with her own pet and accessory. These little sweeties also star in their very own movie "Lalaloopsy: Festival of Sugary Sweets", and we were happy to find the minis and movie in the mail this week from my friends at MGA Entertainment. Well, I was happy to find it; my daughters don't know about any of this yet because I'm saving everything for one Read more [...]

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