It’s beginning to look a bit like Christmas….

We've had a busy few days in our household. We decided to enter the madness of post-American Thanksgiving shopping, so we drove down to Tulalip WA (just outside of Seattle) on Thursday night so we could start our Black Friday shopping fairly early.We got to the first outlet mall by 8am....and it wasn't busy! We went through the entire outlet mall, got all of the Christmas presents on our list plus a few items that weren't (some Starbucks and a cast iron skillet from La Crueset as a present for us) Read more [...]

Me time?

I've been thinking about the concept of "me time" a lot lately. While it goes without saying that I adore my 6.5 month old daughter, being her primary caregiver 24/7 with no breaks is starting to wear on me a bit. Unfortunately, due to my husband's career, we currently live in a province with no immediate family and no close friends to give us a break. Let me tell you, I'm feeling pretty badly about not offering to babysit for our friends at our last posting! I had no idea how much an hour or Read more [...]

Giveaways (big catch-up post)

The good thing is that my little girl FINALLY got her second tooth on Friday, so we're getting a teeny tiny break in the fun times of teething. The bad thing is that she's just perfected rolling as a means of transportation, so blogging is hard! I need to make time for it, and for myself, but that's a whole other post!Fun giveaways from my 2 favourite bloggie mommies :)From Natural Mommie: Win a pair of mitts, a hat and a scarf for the little one in your life from Mimitens (ends Dec 4)Win a $75 Gift Read more [...]

On (and off) the fitness bandwagon

Like many new(ish) mommies, I don't look quite the same as I did pre-baby. I know I have a good reason - I did grow a person, after all! - but that doesn't make not fitting into my old clothes feel any better, you know?My baby is 6 months old now, so I'm attempting (half-heartedly) to get back into some shape that isn't round or squishy. Turns out, it's much harder to exercise when you have an infant demanding your attention! Long gone are the days of leisurely warming up, then jumping on the Read more [...]

A slacker’s apology, and a couple of giveaways

I'm really slacking at updating this blog - I promise to do better soon! It looks like my daughter may finally cut her second tooth this week, so I'm hoping that she'll return to the happy, fun baby she usually is instead of this cranky, fussy, not-sleeping creature she's turned into!Other than that, we're doing the usual "wishing and waiting" that comes along with my husband's job....wishing we knew exactly what was going on and waiting for the official documents that allow us to plan our next step Read more [...]

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