Crafty Stuff: Baby Blocks

I love to scrapbook but some carpal tunnel in the last few months of my pregnancy put a stop to it, and so far I haven't been able to get many new pages accomplished with the baby around. Just after Ashlyn was born, my mom was flipping through one of my old issues of Scrapbooks, Etc and came across this cute baby blocks craft. I gave it a try and I think they turned out really well! I put her name on the front and her birth date on the back.It wasn't expensive either, I only had to buy the blocks Read more [...]

Some non-baby-related links

I realized last night, during one of the umpteen times I was up with the baby, that although I called this blog "NOT Just Baby Brain", it's been pretty baby-centered. So to prove I can in fact think of non-baby stuff, here are some of my favourite places to go for a dose of celebrity gossip.TMZ - I hate to admit it, but I even PVR the tv show. Worse confession - my daughter adores it!Lainey Gossip - she's snarky, has great contacts, and she's Canadian. What's not to love?What Would Tyler Durden Do? Read more [...]

Tell me the truth – I can handle it

I've been playing around with a few things on the blog and I'd love your feedback - is it too busy now? Do you like the buttons at the top? Anything I should add or take away? I've been staring at it for too long now and I can't tell if it's good or not anymore :) I'm still working on something else, but I'd like to be successful at it before I mention anything - that way, if I fail, no one needs to know ;)Here's a giveaway courtesy of Natural Mommie:Win a Sublime nursing bra and matching panty set Read more [...]

An apology in advance

Good morning! So far the only new giveaway I see is over at My Organized Chaos (2 winners will each get their choice of a pair of handstitched sheepskin booties by Edoche, ends Jan 12).The reason for the title is that I'm going to attempt to add a couple of things to my blog, but I'm too cheap to pay for them, so I'm going to use coding to build them myself. I haven't done this since grade 12 (and no, I'm not telling you how long ago that was) so for all I know, things could Read more [...]

Virtual friends

Not much in the way of giveaways today (Feisty, Frugal and Fabulous has a cute Bumkins diaper bag up for grabs but I already have 4 diaper bags so I don't really need I?) so I thought I'd do a real post.I've been thinking about friends a lot lately, since my husband's job has already moved us to two provinces and will soon move us to a third. Making new friends seems to get a lot harder as I get older - it was so easy when I was in school/working and saw the same people every day, Read more [...]

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