Belly 9 ~ review

Disclaimer: I am NOT pregnant at this time.  Just to stop the rumours before they start ;) Belly 9 is a company that was started by two friends who were looking for cute, funny maternity shirts that would get them through their pregnancies and beyond.  Not finding what they were looking for, they created their own line! I was intrigued by their claim that you could wear their maternity line from the first trimester through to delivery, so I was happy to review the AU NATURALE tank to see Read more [...]

Bobux iWalk Jr ~ review & giveaway

Bobux was started by a husband and wife team in 1991 when they couldn't find a pair of shoes that would stay on their 9 month old daughter's feet. The duo from New Zealand came up with a winning design that is loved by parents the world over! For review, I was sent the I-Walk Jr chocolate Mary Jane for my daughter to try out. The I-Walk Jr line has a unique split-sole design that makes it very flexible and especially great for early (or not-quite-there-yet) walkers. My daughter has just Read more [...]

Wordless Wednesday

It’s my first attempt at a post in WordPress – someone hold me!

This is Bob the caterpillar.  He’s been living in my parsley for the last week or so.

To the G20 protesters

If you are protesting an actual cause, and are doing so peacefully and respectfully and LEGALLY, carry on. If you aren't actually protesting, but are instead using this conference as an excuse to riot, vandalize property that has nothing to do with the summit (The Bay? Banks? Starbucks?), and are setting fire to police cars - GO HOME! I'm glad that you're getting arrested and I hope you get charged to the full extent of the law. To get up-to-date information on what's going on, check out the Read more [...]

I used to be interesting

I'd like to apologize for no posts this week, except for the winners. I've had major blogger's block this week - it seems like all I have to talk about anymore is my daughter, and while she's adorable and brilliant and has just learned how to walk, I'm pretty sure other people would like me to expand my conversation topics just a little bit ;) I swear, I used to watch the news (and TMZ) so at least I could participate in conversations, but now if it's not about diapers or Handy Manny I've got nothing.Luckily, Read more [...]

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