Monkey Monkey Music ~ review

My daughter is at the age where her favourite thing to do is dance.  I love that she loves music, but I find most children's music to be really annoying, especially when you listen to it over and over and over and over.... Lucky for me, the Family Review Network gave me the opportunity to check out Meredith LeVande's new CD, "What are the Odds?"  I hadn't heard of Meredith's music prior to this, but she's a big deal in New York City, where she is an in-children's performer.  She started Read more [...]


In March of 2009, we took a little trip to Seattle, since we were in Vancouver at the time. We loved it and always meant to get back, but sadly it never worked out. I’m about 35 weeks pregnant in the one picture.

Sometimes I miss Alberta

We haven't lived in Northern Alberta for about a year and a half now, and while I love living in a city and in the same time zone and province as most of our family, I sure do miss our first home together sometimes.  Small town living isn't for me long-term, but it was a great place for us to start our lives together and it had some really pretty parts, like this. Read more [...]

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