ScentSicles – review

Full disclosure - we're an artificial tree family.  With a toddler, two curious cats and possible travel during the holiday season, a real tree just doesn't fit into our lives right now.  I love the ease of setting up our fake tree (and the ease of the cleanup!) but what I really miss is that wonderful Christmas tree smell when you walk in the door! Thanks to ScentSicles scented ornaments, I can now have the best of both worlds!  For review, I was sent a package in the "White Pine" scent.  Read more [...]

7th Heaven: The Final Season – giveaway

7th Heaven was the longest running family drama ever, with a whopping 11 seasons.  We all saw the Camden kids grow up in front of our eyes, and it helped to launch the career of Jessica Biel! In case you aren't familiar with the series, 7th Heaven followed the Camden's, a family with seven children living in Glen Oak, California headed by a Protestant minister.  Over the course of 11 seasons, they loved, lost and learned while always keeping family front and center in their lives.  The final Read more [...]

Mixbook – review & giveaway

Like a lot of moms, I take a LOT of pictures.  I have them on my desktop, on my laptop, on my Facebook, on my blog and in my Photobucket account.  I love to share them with family and friends, but remembering where they are is a challenge on a good day!  I still have a huge stack of pictures that I printed off months ago sitting on my counter, waiting for me to date and file them....and I haven't had any printed since our summer vacation, so I'm way behind.  I love the idea of printing photo Read more [...]

The Original Christmas Classics on Blu-ray – review

Watching Christmas movies on tv is something that I look forward to every year.  When I was in university, we'd actually write on the calendar what night our favourites were on, so we could work our studying around them!  This year my daughter is old enough to begin to understand the Christmas hoopla and I'm so excited to be able to start traditions with her. For review, I was sent The Original Christmas Classics Collection on Blu-ray.  This set has "four of  the most beloved holiday TV specials Read more [...]

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