An expectant mommy’s new best friend

Even though there are new studies that claim small amounts of alcohol are safe during pregnancy, I'm not comfortable taking that risk - mostly because I'm a lightweight and after 31 weeks of not drinking, I imagine my teeny bit of tolerance has totally disappeared.  That doesn't mean I don't miss having a glass of wine with dinner or while watching a bit of television though! I've tried the carbonated "wine substitutes" and I don't care for most of them.  Imagine my surprise when I was at the Read more [...]

My biggest fear is happening

I hate birds.  Maybe it's Hitchcock's fault, maybe it's from reading The Dark Half by Stephen King, but birds just freak me out.  I don't trust them - nothing should be able to poop on you from above.  So hearing that they're falling from the sky en masse is the stuff of nightmares for me. It was scary enough when it was happening in the United States, but now it's happened in Quebec, which is but one province away from me.  If birds start falling from the sky in Ottawa, I will never leave Read more [...]

My Christmas Tree Confession

Here we are on the 10th of January, and my Christmas tree is still fully decorated and hanging out in my living room.  I've been talking about taking it down since the first but somehow I just can't quite do it. Partly because it's not something that can be done while my toddler is awake, since she'll want to "help" and that will just be chaos.  Partly due to general laziness.  And partly because it's so pretty and the house looks so "blah" when all of the Christmas decorations get put away. Anyone Read more [...]

Disney Live! Mickey’s Rockin’ Road Show Review

For the last month, I've been waiting to see Disney Live! Mickey's Rockin' Road Show when it came to Ottawa on January 8th.  My daughter is too young to remember that something is going to happen, so I've had to be excited all by myself! We arrived at the Civic Centre about 30 minutes before the pre-show started, which gave us lots of time to walk around and see all of the fun toys and souvenirs that were for sale, not to mention the food!  I'll admit, we couldn't pass up the mini-donuts, but Read more [...]

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