Chuggington Interactive Railway – review & giveaway

Learning Curve has expanded their line of Chuggington toys with the new Chuggington Interactive Railway.  I'm embarrassed to admit that before this review, I hadn't exposed Ashlyn to trains for some reason.  I guess I just didn't think she would be that interested in them - boy was I wrong! We were sent the Chuggington Interactive Railway Wash & Fuel Starter Set and it has become one of the most popular toys in our house.   This set includes an overhead signal and figure 8 layout Read more [...]

Slave Lake is burning

  (Image from CTV Edmonton) A few years ago, when we lived in Northern Alberta, I worked for the Forestry division as a Logistics Coordinator.  I didn't work in Slave Lake itself but all of the different Forestry departments in the province worked together to fight fires all season long.  Watching Slave Lake literally burn to the ground is heartbreaking (as of the last news report that I heard, 70% of the town has burned down); I have former coworkers who are working around the clock fighting Read more [...]

Baby Looney Tunes – giveaway

Having just had my second baby 2 months ago, I'm realizing how much I've forgotten about newborns and babies in the 22 months since my oldest was born.  I'm the kind of mom that likes to do a bit of research and ask experts - both medical and other parents - before making up my mind about something. Warner Bros.’ Baby Looney Tunes has partnered with leading physician Dr. Aliza Lifshitz as their resident in-house expert on questions that expectant and new moms may have. Baby Looney Tunes’ Read more [...]

Cake #fail (or Ashlyn’s 2nd birthday)

I made Ashlyn's turtle cake for her first birthday, so of course I wanted to make her second birthday cake this year.  She loves rubber duckies so I thought that would be a great cake to help us celebrate.  Using the same carrot cake recipe as last year, I used a small glass measuring cup for the duck's head and a small loaf pan to make the body.  Once the cake had cooled I put it in the fridge overnight.  I made cream cheese icing, then put about 1/2 cup aside to use for the eyes and beak; Read more [...]

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