Easy Canvas Prints

It's funny how you can live in a house for a while and suddenly decide that something is all wrong and needs to be fixed right now!  For me, it's the stairway from the main level to the upstairs.  We have a large painting on one wall (that we literally bought off the wall of a bar back when we were dating in university) but the other wall is completely blank and it's really bothering me.  I wanted to do a photo wall but didn't know where to start. I love the look of canvas prints and thought Read more [...]

Seventh Generation (giveaway)

I've definitely changed since becoming a parent.  I pay far more attention to what is in things like household cleaners, whereas before I just grabbed whatever was on sale.  It's still hard for me to know which companies to trust since all of a sudden everything seems to claim that they are "green". Seventh Generation makes it easy to make the right choice; all of their ingredients are listed on their packages and online and they even explain the purpose of some of the less-natural sounding Read more [...]

40 Love (giveaway)

40 Love was the first book that Madeleine Wickham actually wrote, long before she established herself as a go-to author for fun, chick-lit books like her Shopaholic series (under the name Sophie Kinsella). "At their country estate, Patrick Chance and his wife make a fateful decision to host a seemingly innocuous weekend tennis party – “seemingly” being the operative word here.  As the four couples gather on the sunny terrace over the brilliant weekend, it becomes quickly obvious who Read more [...]

What’s for Dessert – 5 Minute Chocolate Cake

Some days just need to end in chocolate...with or without an accompanying glass of wine. It's been a long day here - the baby decided that 5:30am was a perfectly good time to wake up and that naps were overrated today, the toddler has a fever and is cranky but also wants to play outside all day, my husband is out of town - and while I would love nothing more than some Bobbly Flay brownies I just might fall asleep before the first step is done. Enter the 5 minute chocolate cake.  I got the recipe Read more [...]

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