Wholesale Halloween Costumes

Fall is in the air and with the neighbourhood kids back to school, the talk on the playground has changed from which splash pad to visit to what costume to pick for Halloween!   Ashlyn hasn't let me pick out her daily clothes in a good six months, so I knew I couldn't just pick a costume and give it to her and expect it to go over well.  Instead, we looked together at the girls Disney costumes from Wholesale Halloween Costumes to find just the right one. Since one of her longest obsessions Read more [...]

Don’t potty train without this!

Over the Labour Day weekend, we decided to start potty training Ashlyn.  Partly because she seemed ready, partly because she was interested in using a potty, and partly because Rowan is outgrowing all of her small diapers and I really needed the bigger ones that Ashlyn was using. Our big hope was that Ashlyn would only need diapers when we're out (just in case) and at night/naps.  I bought a waterproof tablecloth from the dollar store to cover most of our carpet in the family room, brought her Read more [...]

Wordless Wednesday – Rowan’s First Tooth

Tooth #1 arrived about a week and a half ago, but this is the first time Rowan has let me get a picture of it – all of the ‘rejects’ involved her sticking her tongue out at me.  I can’t believe she’s going to be 6 months old tomorrow!


Back to School with Hello Kitty

Back to school time means finding ways to keep the kids moving in the morning!  Sparkle Bee from Marino Andriani has lots of items that make the morning fun. Even though Ashlyn isn't in school yet, she still needs some motivation to get moving on the mornings that we have a class or playdate.  She has a hard time sitting still to get her "pony hair" (that's pigtails to the rest of us) done so we were happy to try out the Hello Kitty Lighted Make-Up Mirror. It is recommended for ages 12+ Read more [...]

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I'm a big fan of our local Loblaws.  One of the big reasons we shop there so often (aside from their Joe Fresh line) is that it's so family-friendly.  It's the only grocery store close to me that has a double grocery cart so I can have my toddler in the seat, the baby in her bucket in the top level and still have room for groceries in the bottom level; and of course the free cookie at the bakery has bought me a few quick trips to pick up necessities when Ashlyn would much rather have gone to Read more [...]

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