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DIY Christmas Ornaments

Every year I get a new ornament for our tree.  My mom always got me and my brother an ornament and it was so special for me to have a tree full of ornaments with memories attached to them when I moved a few provinces away with my then-boyfriend (now husband).  I’m continuing the tradition for my girls, but this year I changed it up a bit and had them help me make ornaments that will help us to remember just how small they once were. This is Ashlyn’s ornament: Basically, you cover the Read more […]

HEXBUG Nano for the holidays

Have  you heard about HEXBUG® Nano?  All of a sudden they seem to be everywhere!  They’re tiny (1.75 inches each) little micro robotic bugs that uses the physics of vibration to skitter along and explore its environment on smooth surfaces.  They can even flip from their back to their front and vice versa!  It’s fun to watch since you can’t be sure where exactly your HEXBUG will go next. While you can set them loose on any flat, smooth surface and watch them go, they’re even more fun Read more […]

Christmas cookies – Gingerbread men

I’m having so much fun this year, getting ready for Christmas with my little elf (Ashlyn) by my side!  She’s really into all of the preparations this year, and she loves to bake, so I thought it would be a lot of fun to have a few of her friends over for a cookie-decorating play date last week. Once I realized that I had invited a total of SIX 2-2.5 year olds, plus their five siblings ranging from newborn to 11 months old (and mommies, of course!), I thought it was the craziest idea I’d ever Read more […]

Elephoto ($50 gift card giveaway)

We take a lot of pictures.  So many that Ashlyn hears the click and says “cheese” without bothering to look up from her craft or snack, and Rowan makes a mad army-crawl towards the camera as soon as she sees it!  I love having all of these memories documented, but our shelves are getting overrun with photo albums and it’s expensive to print individual pictures.  I recently learned about Elephoto, a company that produces high-quality photo books and other photo-related items and is 100%  Canadian! The Read more […]

Kidorable Dragon Knight Collection (giveaway)

Kids need more than just toys, but try to convince them of that!  When I can find items that are practical but still fun I love to give them as gifts, and I think that the Kidorable Dragon Knight Collection would make a great gift for any little man  – and some little ladies too. The Dragon Knight collection is primarily steel grey, with lots of dark green dragon and red fire accents.  The raincoat features the coolest hood I’ve seen – it looks like a helmet!   The umbrella has 3D dragon Read more […]

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