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Wordless Wednesday – Meet the Teacher

Last week I was worrying about how my little girl would do in school this week. She doesn’t actually start class until Thursday, but on Tuesday we had a meeting with her teacher in her new classroom. I asked Ashlyn if I could take a picture of her outside the school and this is what she did. I think school is going to go just fine! Read more […]

Wordless Wednesday – One week

I have one week left until my first baby goes on the school bus for the first time *sniff* Ashlyn picked out her Tinker Bell backpack and cannot wait to put it on and go to Junior Kindergarten! I can’t even think about it without tearing up, how will I keep it together on her first day?

Our Summer Vacation: Aboiteau Beach

Though the weather was cloudy and the forecast was rainy, we decided to keep our plans and head out to the beach while we were on vacation in New Brunswick. Our family, plus my husbands’s cousin and her family, my husband’s aunt and her friend and friend’s two grandchildren – 12 people in total – all headed out to Aboiteau Beach. This was our first time to Aboiteau Beach and the consensus was that we will happily return! There was a reasonable fee of $7 to park for the day, and we were able Read more […]

Our Summer Vacation: The Hopewell Rocks

Our first day trip on our summer vacation in New Brunswick was to visit the Hopewell Rocks on the Bay of Fundy. Neither my husband nor myself have ever been before and our big goal on this trip was to do as much outdoor-exploring type activities with the girls as possible (in between visiting with friends and family, of course) so it sounded like a great way to spend a day! We checked the tide tables but unfortunately low tide was either too early (just after 6 am) or too late (around Read more […]

Our Summer Vacation: Sussex, New Brunswick

I put my travelling with kids survival guide to the test last week when we drove from Ottawa to Sussex, New Brunswick to spend a week with my husband’s extended family! With upwards of 10 stops on the way there (perhaps potty training the 2 year old three weeks before we left wasn’t my brightest idea; on the upside not dealing with diapers while on vacation for the first time in FOUR YEARS was awesome!), it took us about 13.5 hours to make the drive. We did a few day trips to different parts Read more […]

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