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CSN Stores review – Melissa & Doug Food Groups Play Set

CSN Stores is quickly becoming my “go to” online shopping destination. Knowing that I can quickly search over 200 stores means that I can get more shopping done in less time and save money, which is important with *gasp* Christmas approaching so quickly! I have worked with them in the past and we still use our Boon frog pod every night at tubby time, so I was was happy to work with them a second time.   I went back to the Toys And Games Online store to look around, since Ashlyn is getting Read more […]

Why I haven’t been blogging

It’s not just because we haven’t been home (although that was a big part of  it).  It’s not just because my toddler keeps me running from the moment she gets up until the moment she sleeps (although that’s true).  It’s because I can’t keep my eyes open most days, can’t look at a computer screen, can’t form a sentence. Baby brain has struck again! That’s right, we’re expecting Baby #2 in March!  I’m doing my best to stay on top of my blog, but I’ve been needing a lot more naps these days.  Read more […]

Wordless Wednesday – Turtle

We were at my aunt and uncle’s cottage last week and we got to play in the water one day (it was pretty cold the other days). Safety first meant that Ashlyn needed to be in her lifejacket whenever we were near the beach, but she wasn’t used to it and would tip over sometimes! It never seemed to bother her as long as someone was there to get her back on her feet :) Read more […]

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