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Wordless Wednesday – Halloween 2011

She loved trick or treating. She loved all the goodies that she collected. But most of all, she loved handing out candy to the other kids!  When there wasn’t anyone at our door, she was peering out of the windows and calling out “come to our door, we have lots of candy!”…and knocking on the door herself, hoping that if we opened it, there would be more kids on the other side. With Halloween being a huge hit, I’m even more excited for Christmas this year! Read more […]

Halloween fun

We have had so much fun getting ready for Halloween this year, since Ashlyn is totally into it!  She’s too young to carve a pumpkin, but painting one was just as much fun for her (and slightly less mess for me). Before:   During:   The finished project:   We also decorated the house and we have all of our candy ready to hand out.  I was completely inspired by easy pumpkin rice krispies treats for Halloween (mine is the top row, center in the grid below) and while I had to make a few Read more […]

Happy Halloween!

Ashlyn is so excited to about Halloween that she’s been fully dressed in her costume since 8 am! Thank goodness we had a Halloween party to go to this morning so she could show off her costume to her friends and celebrate Halloween all day long.  I don’t know how I’m going to hold her off until after dinner for trick or treating! Pictures taken by Elizabeth Fulton Photography Read more […]

Strider The No Pedal PREbike

This summer, we went through 3 different tricycles for Ashlyn, trying to find just the right one.  One was given to her as a gift last year and it’s STILL too tall for her (even with those pedal extenders that I think are a huge accident waiting to happen), one had a seat that made her slide back too far, and the last one she still can’t figure out how to pedal.  How I wish I had found Strider The No Pedal PREbike months ago! When I found out that I would be working with Strider, I had this Read more […]

Our Fall Family Pictures

I love the colours of fall and since the girls are growing so fast (Ashlyn is 2.5 and Rowan is already 7 months old) we took some time this morning to brave the cool fall weather to have some family pictures taken outdoors in Ottawa.  I’m already trying to figure out where we can display them! All pictures taken by the incredibly talented Elizabeth Fulton Photography. Read more […]

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