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My Cloth Diaper Biases

I figured I might as well do a quick post on my general feelings about cloth diapers before I post my first review. There are two major decisions you’ll have to make before you make your first cloth diaper purchase: snaps or Velcro and one-size or sized diapers.Snaps vs VelcroI prefer snaps. Lots of other people prefer Velcro. It’s going to be something you have to figure out for yourself, unfortunately. It’s easier to explain why I don’t like Velcro:the tabs can get ratty looking really quicklyif Read more […]

My (cloth diaper) Stash

Before I got pregnant, I didn’t know much about cloth diapers, except that I wasn’t going to use them. What a hassle – the washing, the stuffing, the pins…not to mention the poop. Ick.Then I got pregnant and I started looking into cloth diapers on a slow day at work. It turns out, they don’t need pins. They’re not that hard to wash. And wow, are they cute! I wasn’t convinced but I was swayed. My husband and I decided to use a cloth diaper service and I was excited to get our first delivery of diapers. Read more […]

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