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gDiapers – Baby Shower Event review & giveaway

  gDiapers are a totally different type of diaper!  Unlike your typical disposable diaper which can sit in a landfill for up to 500 years, gDiapers have been designed to decompose in less than 2 months.   Plastic, latex and elemental chlorine free, they can be used with the biodegradable gRefills OR a gCloth insert. I have been hearing about gDiapers for years but hadn’t had a chance to try them out myself, so I am thrilled to be able to review them now!  For review, I was sent 2 Read more […]

GoGreen Pocket Diapers – review & giveaway

GoGreen Pocket Diapers are new on the cloth diapering scene.  After Leah had her third child, she realized that the financial and environmental costs of diapering all three of her children was just too much and she began looking for a solution.  Impressed by the “name brand” pocket diapers but not the cost, she found a company that made diapers that were of equal quality but with a much smaller price tag, and she launched GoGreen Pocket Diapers in September of 2010. For review, I was sent Read more […]

Velcro + Toddler = Mess

I’ve mentioned before that I do not like to use cloth diapers with velcro closures and I have a perfect example of why that is from the other morning! As always, when we woke up I changed my daughter into a cloth diaper (in this case, our sole Bum Genius 3.0 with velcro) and we went downstairs for breakfast.  After eating, Ashlyn toddled off to play by herself while I cleaned up the kitchen (our kitchen is open to the family room so I could see her at all times).   When I was done I went Read more […]

Fuzzi Bunz Cloth Diapers ~ my personal review

The Diaper:Fuzzi Bunz One Size. These are different from the other one size diapers that I have, because instead of adjusting the size by snapping down the front, Fuzzi Bunz are adjusted through changing the settings of the elastics in both legs and at the waist. It comes with 2 different sized inserts that can be used alone or together. Below is Ashlyn modeling at 11 months old and around 21 pounds.What I like:very trim because of the adjustable elastic (ie there is no added bulk because they don’t Read more […]

Flip Cloth Diapers ~ my personal review

The Diaper:Flip One-Sized diapers. They are a “diapering system” that has 3 different inserts that you can buy to use inside of the covers (stay-dry, organic cotton and disposable). Below is Ashlyn at about 11 months and 21 pounds in Ribbit.What I like:very trim diapers – almost as thin as a disposable on the bigger settingssuper easy to use since there is no pocket to stuff; you just tuck the insert (which you fold down to the right size using the stiched on markers) inside of the cover.the stay-dry Read more […]

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