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I thought it was called ‘spring’ cleaning?

You always hear about spring cleaning, but for me the cleaning bug always seems to hit mid-winter.  I think it’s because when the weather is nice we’re not spending much time inside, but now that it’s cold and icy/slushy/snowy outside we’re inside most of the time and the clutter has more opportunity to make me crazy enough to actually do something about it! My first order of business was to organize Ashlyn’s craft stuff better.  I had it all in 2 plastic totes on top of our pantry and it wasn’t Read more […]

Easy DIY Picture Frame

I am constantly putting up new pictures in our home, and I love ‘themed’ picture frames – seasons, holidays, you name it and I want it.  The problem is that they can be really expensive, and where do you store all of the Santa/Christmas/Easter/Valentine’s Day/Halloween/etc frames for 50 or so weeks a year you don’t have them on display?  Not to mention that I never know if the picture that I’m going to want to display will be landscape or portrait! I decided to get a teeny bit crafty and use Read more […]

DIY Christmas Ornaments

Every year I get a new ornament for our tree.  My mom always got me and my brother an ornament and it was so special for me to have a tree full of ornaments with memories attached to them when I moved a few provinces away with my then-boyfriend (now husband).  I’m continuing the tradition for my girls, but this year I changed it up a bit and had them help me make ornaments that will help us to remember just how small they once were. This is Ashlyn’s ornament: Basically, you cover the Read more […]

My Scrapbooking Weekend

It’s become an annual tradition (two years in a row makes something a tradition, right?) for some of my girlfriends and myself to meet at a B&B just outside of Edmonton for a weekend of scrapbooking, eating and catching up.  We used to all live in the same small town in Alberta but now only one of us still lives there; the rest are at least still in the province. Last year I was pregnant so I was able to have a much enjoyed break; this year I packed up all of my scrapbooking essentials, Read more […]

Pudding finger paint

Looking for an easy craft to do with your toddler when it’s too hot or rainy to go outside? Why not whip up a batch of pudding finger paint!  It’s so easy: make a box of pudding, then add some food colouring.  Let it set and let the fun begin! The texture was fun for Ashlyn and she even enjoyed making a mess (she’s a very clean girl most of the time).  I really liked that I wasn’t worried about clean up since it wiped off the table without a problem. The easiest way to clean up a toddler Read more […]

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