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Wordless Wednesday – Meet the Teacher

Last week I was worrying about how my little girl would do in school this week. She doesn’t actually start class until Thursday, but on Tuesday we had a meeting with her teacher in her new classroom. I asked Ashlyn if I could take a picture of her outside the school and this is what she did. I think school is going to go just fine! Read more […]

Ready for #BackToSchool with my PriaVanda 12 Month Planner (giveaway)

When it comes to staying organized – or attempting to – I’m an old-school girl. Give me paper over technology any day! Perhaps if I had a cell phone that had been created in this decade I might be swayed, but I doubt it. While I loved my PalmPilot in university (does anyone remember those? How old am I?), I’ve always found that I remember things better if I actually write them down physically and I much prefer being able to see my schedule at a glance. I came across PriaVanda during at Read more […]

Wordless Wednesday – One week

I have one week left until my first baby goes on the school bus for the first time *sniff* Ashlyn picked out her Tinker Bell backpack and cannot wait to put it on and go to Junior Kindergarten! I can’t even think about it without tearing up, how will I keep it together on her first day?

Get ready for school with Oliver’s Labels (giveaway)

One of the first things that we did for Ashlyn when she started nursery school last year was label her belongings. Since it seems like everyone has the same water bottles from Costco and similar coats, it was a way to help our belongings find their way back home where they belong. I had ordered her a package from Oliver’s Labels last year and was so impressed with the quality that I jumped at the chance to work with Agent Natalie Murphy to get Rowan some labels of her very own (since she’s been Read more […]

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