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Sophie la girafe makes the move to books (#giveaway)

Sophie la girafe has been a constant presence in our home for the last 2.5 years. Rowan received her as a present when she was born from her uncle and she was smitten from a very young age (please forgive the crazy outfit, it was a cool morning at the cottage). She still brings her Sophie out the odd time and loves nothing more than seeing little babies with their own Sophie. DK Publishing has recently released a series of books starring Sophie la girafe and I was more than happy to review Read more […]

Make #laundry day less shocking with Woolzies (#giveaway)

Summer is winding down now, with the cooler air and rain of fall rolling in. No more hanging my laundry out on the line if I want it to dry in a timely manner. We haven’t used fabric softener or dryer sheets in years due to cloth diapering (they can cause build-up and repelling issues) but now that we’re done with diapers we could go back…except that I have about a 10% success rate of actually remembering to put something in the dryer and I never remember to buy liquid fabric softener. I’ve been Read more […]

Disney Super Buddies save the day!

Disney has released their latest Buddies movie, Super Buddies! I titled this post “save the day”, but really it’s “save Mommy’s afternoon so she can actually get a few things done without having to stop every 5 seconds because the kids are bored or fighting or asking for a snack again”. It’s basically the same thing, am I right? An ordinary day at Fernfield Farms turns extraordinary when Budderball, Mudbud, B-Dawg, Buddha and Rosebud discover mysterious rings that grant them each a unique super Read more […]

Mike the Knight: Magical Mishaps (#giveaway)

Ashlyn and Rowan just love it when a new DVD from NCircle Entertainment arrives in the mail! In September we were introduced to Mike the Knight and his motto “Be a Knight and do it RIGHT!”,  who helps teach young viewers about helping others, problem solving, working together, and chivalry. While Mike is training to be a knight, his younger sister Evie wishes to become a wizard. Accompanied by her pet frog Mr. Cuddles, Evie uses spells to help Mike with his missions, but a series of magical Read more […]

Stay organized with the Boho Birds Calendar from Carson-Dellosa (giveaway)

Most kids go through a “why?” stage. Not mine. Ask anyone who spends more than 5 minutes with my girls and they’ll tell you that their question of choice is always “what are we doing, Mommy?” – today, tomorrow, after breakfast, after lunch, over and over and over. Ashlyn started asking that when she was about 2 and she never stopped; as a special bonus she’s taught it to her little sister so now it’s a never-ending chorus. With back-to-school in full swing, I was thrilled to review the Boho Read more […]

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