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I hope that everyone is having a great weekend! Here’s a few giveaways I’ve come across:win a Leslie’s Boutique Wet/Dry bag from All About Cloth Diapers (ends Jan 13)8 winners will each get a pair of Sock Ons from My Organized Chaos (ends Jan 17)win a pair of Leg Huggers from My Organized Chaos (ends Jan 17)win your choice of Tyler Trends shirt from Feisty, Frugal and Fabulous (ends Jan 16)1 Canadian winner will get a Cloud B Polar Cuddle Cub from Feisty, Frugal and Fabulous (ends Jan 31) Read more […]

Excellent cinnamon bun recipe

I stumbled upon this recipe a month or two ago when I had a craving for cinnamon buns and let me tell you, it’s deadly!’t say I didn’t warn you! I’m making them either tomorrow or Monday, depending on which day my husband actually gets off of work. Mmmmm, cinnamon buns *drool* Read more […]

Yay for grandparents!

Today, I got to leave the house, alone, and go get my hair done while my husband was working. No, I didn’t leave the baby at home alone, at the mercy of the cats. My parents babysat for a few hours and I got pretty new hair. Ashlyn is 8 months old and this is only the second time that she’s been left with someone other than me or my husband. It was strange, but nice – we might even get to go on a real date this weekend (our second since Ashlyn was born, but the first time we’d be leaving her Read more […]

Busy weekend ahead, and a recipe:)

I’m just picked up my parents at the airport, so this post will be short, but I wanted to do one today. I’m so excited that my parents are here for a visit! It’s hard being away from family, and I know they miss their grandbaby like crazy (oh, and they might miss me and my husband a bit too) so I’m pretty sure that for the next couple of days, I’m just going to see her for feeding and diaper changing, and that’s OK by me. We’re having soya sauce chicken for dinner, which is the easiest, yummiest Read more […]

Crafty Stuff: Baby Blocks

I love to scrapbook but some carpal tunnel in the last few months of my pregnancy put a stop to it, and so far I haven’t been able to get many new pages accomplished with the baby around. Just after Ashlyn was born, my mom was flipping through one of my old issues of Scrapbooks, Etc and came across this cute baby blocks craft. I gave it a try and I think they turned out really well! I put her name on the front and her birth date on the back.It wasn’t expensive either, I only had to buy the blocks Read more […]

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