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LooRoos Cloth Diapers ~ my personal review

The Diaper:LooRoos All-In-One in size Medium (12-22 pounds). I actually won these from Natural Mommie right around this time last year – I asked (and was allowed) to postpone picking my colours until Ashlyn was born because I wanted to know if I could order any pink diapers or not. An all-in-one is the easiest type of cloth diaper to use; you just put it on like you would a disposable. Nothing to stuff, no extra covers. For some reason, I hardly have any pictures of my daughter in her LooRoos even Read more […]

Ouch Pouch Winner

Lucky #47 ~ Tina Reynolds has won the Ouch Pouch! Congratulations, I’m emailing you now. Thanks to everyone who entered!

We’re here!

By some miracle, myself, my husband, our daughter, our two cats and all of our luggage arrived in one piece last night. I’ll be picking a winner for the Ouch Pouch tonight, provided the baby decides to go to bed at a half-way decent time – the three hour time difference is most noticable at night when she won’t go to sleep!ps this picture was NOT taken by me (I wish!). It’s from and I found it on Google. Read more […]

Bombproof Brownies ~ The Best Brownie Recipe Ever!

I know, that title sets the bar pretty high, but these are super easy and TO DIE FOR. Unless you use a sugar replacement, then they’re terrible and you cry. Uh, not that that happened to me or anything. Anyways, I apologize for no picture, I don’t seem to have one from a previous batch and since we’re in the middle of moving, I can’t make them today. I’ll update the next time I bake them, I promise.This recipe came from my Aunt Jina, who has been the source of many of my favourite recipes. I’ve added Read more […]

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