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These are from a trip that we took to Banff, AB in August of 2008.

The upside of toddlers

Toddlers get a bad rap, but there are definitely more than a few good points to having your baby grow up!  In no particular order, some of my favourite things about this stage. Toddlers have a sense of humour.  They’re funny and silly, sometimes even on purpose! They learn something new every day – although sometimes it’s how to unroll the toilet paper. They’re getting old enough to entertain themselves for small periods of time – enough for me to check my email most mornings at least. “On Read more […]

Toddlers = frat party?

I came across this posted on a forum I read and I had to share it.  If you live with a toddler, will live with a toddler soon, have lived with a toddler, or know of any toddlers, I think you’ll agree!  Read the comments too, they’re hilarious! From Suburban Snapshots: Why Having a Toddler is Like Being at a Frat Party* *That one frat party I’ve ever been to, having gone to a Very Serious Arts College. 10. There are half-full, brightly-colored plastic cups on the floor in every room. Read more […]

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