Balancing, juggling, making it work (Year of Tim Gunn check in)

timgunnmakeitworkWhen I picked Tim Gunn’s phrase “Make it work” as my 2017 mantra, I had no idea how apt it would be! Since completing my Library and Information Technician diploma in January (and finally receiving it in March), I have been fortunate to have picked up quite a bit of work through the two school boards that I am working for. In fact, I have had full-time hours for all of April and May is looking to be the same; June is filling up quickly and then it’s the summer break!

While I am used to being busy, I am also used to having more flexibility in my schedule to fit in a run a few mornings a week, or an afternoon of cleaning, or a quick grocery shop between a class and picking up my girls after school. Now that I am working regular hours, time is tight and my weekends are a blur of chores, errands and shuttling my daughters to birthday parties! I’m also still running Sparks meetings with my co-leaders and keeping the books for the Sparks and Brownies units, and we’re heading off to a “Harry Potter” themed camp this weekend and planning our last few meetings and advancement (end of year celebration) plus getting things set up for next year. I love being a part of these groups but I am also looking forward to wrapping up our amazing year and ending on a high note!

Needless to say, a few things have had to slide and the biggest ones have been this blog and my running. I did complete my Zombies, Run! 5K Virtual Race in April but have only been running once a week or so and I miss it! I’m looking forward to longer days soon when I can take my girls to the park and get a run in before dinner or after they go to bed.

I ran my Zombies, Run! Virtual 5k this morning! There was a slight disaster when my phone launched itself out of my FlipBelt and smashed to the ground, causing the battery to fly out and for me to lose the 1.5km I had already run, but I knew roughly how long I had been running so I adjusted the time at the end. It felt so good to get out in the glorious spring weather, and now I can say that I have completed a 5km race ????

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Now that it’s May, 2017 is more than 1/3 over! Does that make you panic as much as it makes me? Tell me all of your ‘busy life’ tips and tricks, especially if it has to do with make-ahead meals!

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  1. Anne Taylor
    May 26, 2017 at 5:34 PM (7 months ago)

    I had been wondering where you were! I was missing your posts. I hope you have a fantastic summer!

  2. Lynda Cook
    May 26, 2017 at 8:36 PM (7 months ago)

    Sorry to hear about your phone, but a big congrats on the run!! Hope you have a wonderful summer!!


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