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Every year, I make a photo book of all of our favourite pictures. Except that the truth is I haven’t done 2015 yet, so I can’t even think about starting 2016 yet. It’s so overwhelming to think about how long it’s going to take me to sort through each and every picture folder, finding the good ones that best represent our memories – because despite my good intentions, I haven’t been staying on top of sorting them out either – and then figuring out which ones to put on each page and what embellishments to use and how to caption everything….truly, I’m tired before I even begin. A friend of mine posted this Chatbooks commercial a few months ago and it cracked me up!

I decided that this year, I’m giving Chatbooks a try. In a nutshell, you give the Chatbooks app access to Facebook (you can choose which albums you want it to see) or Instagram and it automatically imports the pictures you add and adds them to a series book (6 inches X 6 inches); when you hit 60 pictures (1 picture/page), you will be notified that you can order a book. You can review the book before it’s printed and choose if you want to exclude any pictures, add new ones from your phone or a different album, change captions, add dates, and so on. Each series book is $8 + $2 shipping (US) and I figure I’ll spend roughly as much at the end of the year as I would on a yearly photo book, but this way I won’t get behind.

My friends who already use Chatbooks tell me that the quality is really good, and I’ve already ordered my first book using our pictures from our trip to the cottage last summer, which you may remember because I dropped our camera in the lake. I’ve also started a 2017 series using my personal Facebook account pictures because my Instagram is a good representation of my interests but not our family activities! I’m really looking forward to getting Chatbooks as the year progresses, instead of waiting for years to see the pictures that we take finally make it into a printed book.

If any of you are interested in signing up, you can use my Chatbooks referral link and get a free book for the cost of just the shipping! I’ll get a credit to Chatbooks when you sign up so we both win :)

This post is not sponsored but does include an affiliate link.

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