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Living in Ottawa, where we experience all four seasons and at times, two or three during a single day, you need to be prepared for whatever temperature Mother Nature throws at you. At least twice a year (early spring and late fall, usually), I complain about the fact that our front entryway is overrun with every coat and pair of footwear that we own because it might be warm or cold or wet or snowy and you just don’t know what you need until you open the front door! Even in winter, it’s not as simple as one pair of boots. Some days, it’s freezing cold and you want a super warm boot. Some days, it’s mild and those super warm boots are too hot for kids who are running around a playground. When the seasons are changing, it can be rainy/slushy/mild/cold all in the same day, and neither standard rain boots or warm winter boots cut it. Bogs Footwear has options for all seasons and they’re popular for good reason!


I chose a pair of Bogs’ North Hampton Kaleidoscope Kids’ Insulated Rain Boots for each of my daughters. My younger one went with Black Multi while my oldest is all about green these days, so she chose the Grass Multi.I chose the insulated rain boots because they are rated from temperate to -15C, which makes them perfect for both outdoors in (relatively) mild conditions and for wearing during indoor activities even when it’s colder.

We went to two museums while the girls were off of school and they wore their Bogs indoors for hours both times. There was no complaining of sore feet, hot feet, or the boots being too heavy.


Bogs are also super easy to get off and on since they have pull handles built in! They also came in very handy during our travels over Christmas, as the girls loved how easily they could slip their boots off while we were driving and how quickly they could get them on when we stopped. You can also get Bogs that are rated for warmer and colder temperatures (all the way down to -30C) so make sure you’re paying attention to that when you’re figuring out which ones to buy! I know that the coldest rated Bogs are very popular at my daughters’ school, particularly for the younger students. Our Bogs will get us through the milder days of winter in Ottawa and will be just perfect for those few cool, muddy weeks of spring that we get before we jump right into summer! Important note: Bogs are not just for kids. They have boots in all temperature ratings for men and women too, plus sandals for the whole family!

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I was sent Bogs Footwear to facilitate this post. All opinions are always my own!

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