Mail Order Mystery lets kids solve the case (#giveaway)

Mail Order Mystery is something that I stumbled upon thanks to a sponsored ad that popped up in my Facebook feed. When I saw it, I had to check it out, and when I learned that it was exactly what it sounded like – a mystery that is mailed in installments geared towards kids 8+ (or 6-7 with some help) – and that it was Canadian, I had to contact them to set up a feature. My daughters were sent The Enchanted Slumber mystery and from the first letter they have been hooked!


At 7 and 5, they need some help with solving some of the clues, but my oldest has been able to read the letters on her own and they both love getting a surprise in the mail! I had intended to hold this as part of their Christmas presents but I couldn’t wait so away they went. One pro tip that I missed in their FAQs: you don’t have to solve all of the clues before you move on to the next letter. Sometimes the next letter will include something that will help you with the previous letter. They’ve cracked codes, solved riddles and received some mysterious items without a specific purpose so far. We’ve got two letters left and they’re quite excited to find out how their mystery will be solved!

Mail Order Mystery has three mysteries to choose from and all are suitable for both boys and girls. There is a new spy mystery that sounds like a ton of fun! I really appreciate that this is an intentionally non-technologically driven series. There may be an address to write to, or a phone number to call, but no websites or videos or selfies, which is perfect because my children are too young to have their own technology and I don’t need them monopolizing mine!

Mail Order Mystery isn’t inexpensive, but it is 6 installments that span almost 2 months of deliveries, so I found it to be a good value for the price. You can also select when you want the mystery letters to start arriving and print off one of their giftnotes to wrap and give for the holidays!  I think that a Mail Order Mystery would make a perfect present for a child who doesn’t need more ‘stuff’ this holiday season!

I was sent a Mail Order Mystery to facilitate this post. All opinions are always my own!


One lucky reader will win your choice of one mystery from Mail Order Mystery, to be started in 2017!


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19 Comments on Mail Order Mystery lets kids solve the case (#giveaway)

  1. angela m
    December 2, 2016 at 11:11 AM (1 year ago)

    I would choose the Treasure hunt mystery

  2. Jonnie
    December 2, 2016 at 3:41 PM (1 year ago)

    I would choose the Spies, Lies and Serious Bad Guys!

  3. Charlene S.
    December 2, 2016 at 8:00 PM (1 year ago)

    I would choose The Enchanted Slumber.

  4. Stacey
    December 2, 2016 at 9:25 PM (1 year ago)

    Spies, lies and serious bad guys!

  5. Amy C
    December 2, 2016 at 10:49 PM (1 year ago)

    I would choose Treasure Hunt.

  6. Darlene Schuller
    December 3, 2016 at 8:19 AM (1 year ago)

    I would choose Spies LIes and Serious Bad Guys! That one sounds intriguing

  7. Kelly
    December 3, 2016 at 9:49 AM (1 year ago)

    I have been considering these as gifts, so your review is timely :) I would choose Spies, Lies and Serious Bad Guys.

  8. Darwin Chau
    December 3, 2016 at 3:05 PM (1 year ago)

    I would pick the spy guys and all around bad guys .

  9. courtney hennagir
    December 3, 2016 at 11:52 PM (1 year ago)

    I have been looking into doing this for my kids! I would love to get the new spies,lies and serious bad guys mystery!

  10. Jesse Blondin
    December 4, 2016 at 1:16 PM (1 year ago)

    What a neat concept! Enchanted slumber I think!

  11. Carol Denny
    December 5, 2016 at 7:51 AM (1 year ago)

    I would choose the Treasure hunt mystery

  12. missbobloblaw
    December 6, 2016 at 5:45 AM (1 year ago)

    I think that I would choose Treasure Hunt! if I won.

  13. Danielle
    December 11, 2016 at 8:20 PM (1 year ago)

    I would choose Treasure Hunt.

  14. Caleigh
    December 11, 2016 at 9:18 PM (1 year ago)

    The Enchanted Slumber looks neat!


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