Tonka Tinys pack big fun in a tiny package (#giveaway)

There is something that kids just love about a toy that fits in the palm of their hand. Tonka Tinys from Funrise Toys pack all of the fun of full-sized Tonka Trucks into teeny tiny versions! Each micro-sized vehicle comes with it’s own garage, and the garages can be stacked or linked together.


Tonka Tinys would be a great addition to loot bags or even stockings, if Santa is looking for ideas. The trucks are sold ‘blind’ so you don’t know what will be inside the garage when you open it. There are two seasons with about 22 trucks available to collect and trade!

These itty bitty cars and trucks have moving parts and drive just as well as their larger counterparts. My daughters like to use them as toys for their dolls, but they also get some play as actual trucks. The garages are also a big hit for transporting the trucks – or anything else that fits inside of them!


One lucky Canadian readerwill win 5 Tonka Tinys!


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