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YodaStarWarsIdentitiesI can’t believe it’s June 1 today! I also can’t believe how little I’ve been posting lately. What can I say – between the end of the winter semester craziness, starting the spring semester (I’m taking one course online and one class at night), finishing up our Sparks year and continuing with my attempt to enjoy running, May just kind of got away from me completely!

In case you missed it, back in January I decide that this was going to be my ‘Year of Yoda’ and in March I mentioned that I was going to start a ‘couch to 5 k’ running program. I did a 4 week check in in April and I’m so proud to say that I completed my 8 week training program at the end of May!

Finished my #zombiesrun #couchto5k training program today! I ran just over 3km without stopping and I am considering that a #win ???? I’ll keep at it and will get to 5km nonstop before the end of the summer #runner #run #exercise #goals #fitness #training #getactive

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Now, I still can’t run for 5km straight but this morning I went for 4km without stopping, and I alternate walking and running for at least 5km every time I go out so I know it’s just a matter of keeping with it and the distance will come. My pretty new running shoes certainly help motivate me!

My reward for finishing my #zombiesrun #couchto5k #training was a pair of cute and comfy running shoes ???? They felt great on my mission this morning #runner #run #exercise #outdoors #ottawa #getactive #getoutside #adidas #shoes

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You can follow me on Instagram or follow me on Facebook if you’d like to see more pictures from my daily life. Expect to see a lot more pictures of my favourite summer activity, kayaking!

When it’s this hot, the water is where I want to be! First time on the river this year ???? Aside: I have had this ball hat since I got married almost 9 years ago. Any suggestions for where to find a cute hat for a big head in #ottawa? #getoutside #familytime #kayak #ottawariver #chapmanmillsconservationarea #summer

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We’re doing Mud Hero Ottawa this Saturday as a family, so be sure to check back for an update on how that goes. Hooray for summer!

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