Add some new Ravensburger games to your Easter basket

My friends at Wonder Forge sent me a couple of new games that they thought would be extra fun for our family this Easter. Since it’s March Break for us this week, I decided that the Easter Bunny has our baskets covered and we could enjoy the games a bit early!

Ravensburger Buggaloop

Ravensburger Buggaloop – Look out! There’s a HEXBUG® in the yard and it’s coming after you! Players roll the die and move their bugs across the yard, until the HEXBUG® emerges from the loop and tries to bump them off. If you’re bugs are safe, then continue moving across the yard. Get bumped and you’ll have to start from the beginning again! The first player to get all of their bugs safely across wins! (MSRP: $29.99)

The suggested age is 6+, but my 5 year old was able to play without an issue. Buggaloop is so much fun! Because you never know when the HEXBUG® is going to come up through one of the tunnels, or how long it will run around the board, it’s a game that is full of surprises and laughter. It’s also a game that is very fast-paced, as you can only move when the HEXBUG® is under the board, which can be tricky for younger players to get used to, but everyone got the hang of it quickly. Plus, my daughters just loved watching the HEXBUG® run upside down in the tunnels!

Ravensburger Smartscope – Use your smart phone or tablet to explore the amazing world of microscopics with Smartscope! Magnify your own finds, including water, sand, feathers, leaves,insects, and more, or study the objects on the included poster and follow along in the manual for fun facts about each. With a removable light source, sliding object tray and two levels of magnification, you’ll be able to scope out all kinds of objects in minute detail and email them to all your friends! (MSRP: $44.99)

The Smartscope is recommended for ages 8+ but since the weather has been mostly rainy, we haven’t had a chance to get outside and find any signs of spring to magnify. I think this is a really inventive way to encourage curiosity and an interest in nature, while still using the ever-present technology. I’m not sure how my low-end smartphone will do with it, but I can’t wait to give it a try soon!

You can find these items and more from Ravensburger in a store near you!

Disclosure: I was sent these products to facilitate this review post. All opinions expressed are always my own!

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