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What’s for dessert – Caramel Crumble Apple Pie

One of our favourite fall family traditions is going apple picking! I had a Pioneer Woman’s Perfect Pie Crust in my freezer, so apple pie seemed like the right thing to do. Since I only had one pie crust and didn’t want to make another for a lattice crust, I used the crumble from my apple crisp recipe to top it, and then to take it over the edge I poured what was left of a jar of homemade salted caramel sauce over the crumble when it came out of the oven. This was heaven on a plate! Have Read more […]

Stonz Winter Bootz (#giveaway)

Stonz has been a favourite brand of mine ever since Ashlyn was a little toddler in her Stonz Booties. I have worked with Stonz a number of times over the years and their products have always held up to be passed down at least from big sister to little sister, if not also to a friend after. While the current weather is just easing into fall now, I know that Ottawa has a tendency to jump hard into winter when it arrives and I like to be prepared early. I was thrilled when we were sent a pair of their Stonz Read more […]

Our New Normal

Did you think I’d disappeared? As I mentioned on the Not Just Baby Brain Facebook page, we’re still getting settled into our new routine now that school has started. Both of my daughters are in school full-time, and I expected to be bored and lonely while they were there. After all, I have roughly 5 hours between when I get home from walking them to school and when I leave to walk back and pick them up. That’s a lot of time, right? Well, it turns out it’s not as much as I had anticipated. I Read more […]

Books for Star Wars and DC Super Friends fans

If you live with a little Star Wars and/or DC Super Friends fan, like I do, then you’re going to be pretty happy with this news! While on vacation in New Brunswick this summer, we stopped in at Comic Hunter in Moncton to look around and came across a Star Wars book written just for young readers. I’m sure you’re familiar with Little Golden Books – the childrens books with the golden spine? Well, they have released a Star Wars collection that summarizes all six of the currently released movies Read more […]

PBS Kids Halloween DVDs #giveaway

School hasn’t even started for us yet and my daughters are already having daily discussions about when we can go to the pumpkin patch and what they want to dress up as for Halloween. It’s the next big holiday and PBS Kids has Halloween covered with DVDs featuring old favourites and some new (to us, at least) friends! “Caillou’s Halloween” -There are a whopping 13 episodes on this DVD. They cover topics like Halloween, fall, food and more! If your children like Caillou, this is a necessary addition Read more […]

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