Our “Odd” Halloween 2015 Costumes

Halloween is definitely in the top two holidays in our house. I prefer Christmas but my husband is all about Halloween, so it works out pretty well. The girls decided a month or two ago that they wanted to be “Odd Squad” agents after their favourite PBS Kids show, Odd Squad, so I found some navy blue blazers, bought them white collared t-shirts and navy blue pants (which they can wear to school anyways) and made clip on ties (cut some red fabric and used my glue gun to attach them to hair clips) and found this printable official Odd Squad badge and I think they look pretty darn cute!

If your kids watch the show, you know that the badge has to flip open because it’s also a phone. To do that, I bought some glitter foam with an adhesive backing at the dollar store, then printed the badge on yellow paper. I cut out the printed badge and another plain piece of yellow paper in the same badge shape, stuck them on the adhesive side of the glitter foam and cut them out. Then I used two pieces of ribbon that I glued between the foam and the paper to keep the two halves together. Finally, I used my glue gun to attach some hair clips to the back so it can be clipped to their blazers. All in all, a pretty simple but very fun costume that most kids understand immediately and many adults have never heard of!

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