Maplelea Girls have a new look!

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A Maplelea Girls doll first entered our home at Christmas, when Saila was received as a very special gift. I was hopeful that Ashlyn would like her, and I’m so happy to report that it was love at first sight! Of course, half the fun of having a doll are the accessories that you can use with her, and all of the Maplelea Girls have special clothing and accessories that delve into their specific lives and interests. Ashlyn has been asking for Saila’s dogs, Nukilik and Nanuq, ever since she saw them in the Maplelea Girls catalogue, and my friends at Maplelea spoiled her by also sending Saila’s Qamutiik and a Maplelea doll hair brush!


When I asked if I could take a picture of her new toys, Ashlyn set up the scene above for me and gave me very specific tips on how I should take the picture. As I said in my earlier Maplelea review, the quality of the Maplelea brand is incredible. Girls can pose the legs and tail on Nukilik (the mom dog), and Nanuq is perfect for cuddles (and she fits in Saila’s amauti, which we do not have yet, though Ashlyn did have me crochet her a little dog bed). Both dogs come with collars that have their name written on them,  which is very helpful when a little girl can’t quite remember which dog is which!

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Just look at the gorgeous detail on Nukilik, and how she can stand up on her own! Saila’s qamutiik is made of Canadian hemlock and is surprisingly light for how sturdy it is. Beautifully crafted, this sled is just the right size for Saila to ride in, and it comes with a harness so Nukilik can ‘pull’ it!

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One of Ashlyn’s favourite things to do with Saila is to brush and ‘style’ her hair, which is why we needed a proper Maplelea brush. It’s important to take care of the doll’s silky hair with a metal brush because plastic bristles will ruin it! I have absolutely nothing but praise for Maplelea Girls dolls and their accessories. The price point tends to be notably lower than their American counterparts, particularly because the prices are in Canadian dollars, and the quality of the Maplelea products makes their price well worth it! Check out the newly revamped Maplelea Girls website to see what’s new, including the lastest member of the Maplelea family, Charlsea, who will be released on August 28!

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  1. heidi c.
    September 5, 2015 at 10:27 PM (2 years ago)

    This is such a cute doll. My girls would love her.


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