HEXBUG® Aquabot Remote Control Angelfish: pet fun without the work


HEXBUG has come out with something new and fun: HEXBUG® Aquabot Remote Control Angelfish! It’s as easy as one (open package), two (drop Angelfish in water), three (watch Angelfish swim) and has provided my daughters – and cat! – with plenty of entertainment.

My daughters love to look at the fish when we go to the pet store but we can’t have a real fish because, well, look at Echo’s face above. The fish wouldn’t stand a chance! The HEXBUG® Aquabot Remote Control Angelfish comes in three colours and swims as soon as you put it in water. Kids (and adults) can control the Angelfish using the remote and as an added bonus, the same remote can control two different Angelfish just by using a toggle at the bottom. Don’t worry about having to remember to turn the Angelfish off; it goes into sleep mode after 5 minutes of inactivity and can be woken up by being touched, having the water disturbed or my daughters’ favourite method: banging on the side of the container!

The HEXBUG® Aquabot Remote Control Angelfish sells for the MSRP of $23.99 and is available at Mastermind Toys and Toys“R”Us (starting in August 2015). You can find HEXBUG on Facebook or follow them on Twitter at @hexbug.

I was sent a HEXBUG® Aquabot Remote Control Angelfish for the purposes of this review. All opinions and pictures are my own.

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