What I learned from #AltonBrownLive in Ottawa

alton-brown-logoA few important things I learned from the Alton Brown Live show in Ottawa last night:

  • Trout ice cream should not be a thing, but carbonated chocolate ice cream sounds like heaven!
  • Beware of airport shrimp cocktail.
  • Don’t forget the salt (which came in handy as I was making sourdough bread today and did, in fact, almost forget to add the salt)
  • How to properly toss pizza dough! I had no idea it was all done with the back of your hands and now I can’t wait to try it when we make pizza this weekend.
  • Alton Brown is hilarious!

As I gushed in my Edible Inevitable ticket giveaway post, my husband and I are big Alton Brown fans. We tried to take our daughters to meet him at their request when he did a flash signing on Saturday, but unfortunately some unexpected traffic delays due to a giant crane on Colonel By Drive meant that we arrived too late and he was already gone. Luckily, my 4 year old’s tears were stopped by the promise of a treat from The Cupcake Lounge!

Before the show, my husband and I finally got to try out El Camino. The restaurant is below ground, and when we arrived at 5:25 p.m. (for their 5:30 p.m. opening) there was already a line all the way up the stairs and onto the sidewalk! Luckily we got some seats at the bar and had an amazing dinner of tacos (L-R below: Japanese eggplant, 2 crispy fish, and pork), pork belly, and a great lime margarita.

Enough about our dinner though, on to the show! We arrived at the National Arts Centre a few minutes before Alton hit the stage, where there was a video playing of flatulent yeast sock puppets. This makes total sense if you’re a fan of Good Eats! The show was 2.5 hours long but it went by very quickly. Alton sang a few songs, including one about the aforementioned airport shrimp cocktail, told hilarious stories, and did a couple of really interesting cooking demonstrations using some very unique tools. He had two volunteers come up for the cooking parts, and Hailey, the woman who came up for his pizza demonstration, was a great sport and inadvertently gave Alton his best material of the night. This is also when I learned the proper way to toss pizza dough! I found Alton Brown’s pizza dough recipe that he uses on his Edible Inevitable tour and it looked so good that I’m going to give it a try!

If #AltonBrownLive comes anywhere near you, you really must get tickets to see it! We laughed harder at Alton’s stories than I have for some comedians, and Alton was so comfortable with the audience and all of the unpredictable parts of the show, such as when he has audience members tweet him questions from the audience. I didn’t think it was possible, but we may just be even bigger fans after the show than we already were!

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