Jumpstart your resolution with It Works! (#giveaway)


Have you seen ‘that crazy wrap thing’ all over your social media like I have been the last few months? At first, I kind of thought it was cheating, to be honest, but then fall hit and I got so buried in homework and kids activities and my Holiday Gift Guide that exercise fell to the wayside, so when my good friend Crystal approached me about trying one of their Ultimate Body Applicators and a few of the Greens products (you can find out more on Crystal’s It Works! page), I figured hey, a little jumpstart isn’t a bad thing, right?

There are loads of before and after pictures of potential results from using an It Works! wrap, but I will not be sharing mine – not because the products didn’t work, but because I’m not comfortable showing that much skin on my blog. Like many women, I focused on my stomach. The Ultimate Body Wrap was pretty easy to put on, though I felt a little silly wrapping my torso in plastic wrap to keep it in place. The nice part was that once the wrap was on, I could carry on with life as usual, since the plastic wrap kept my clothes protected. You could easily go grocery shop or run errands for the 45 minutes that you leave the wrap on for! The wrap lead to a very interesting tingling and cooling feeling and I made sure to drink half of my body weight in ounces of water over the course of the day and the same amount for the next 2 or 3 days. It’s actually a great habit to get into and one that I have mostly stuck with! After doing two wraps, I can say that while my results were not drastic, I was pleased with how it reduced some stretch marks and made my skin feel. I’m not rushing out to buy a lifetime supply but I could certainly see using the wraps again before a special occasion when I need a little boost!

The Greens come in a powder (to be added to a water bottle) and chews; I had both in their berry flavour. They offer:

  • A healthy blend of fruits and vegetables in every packet
  • An overall health and wellbeing boost with antioxidant support

Once you get over the very, very green colour of the Greens drink, it’s actually pretty tasty. The chews were good too and both would be a great way to get some extra fruits and veggies during the long winter months!

You can order directly from Crystal on her Crystal’s It Works! page), and make sure to check out Crystal’s Energize Your Life page) on Facebook too.


One lucky CANADIAN or AMERICAN reader will win one It Works! Ultimate Body Applicator from Crystal!


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