Wrigley’s Holiday Fun Books Make Delicious Stocking Stuffers


I love shopping for stocking stuffers! There is always a fun mix of practical, fun and edible items inside, and Santa wraps the stocking stuffers in our house to prolong the fun of opening them. One thing that I remember loving when I was little were the Wrigley’s Holiday Fun Books, filled with Life Savers. These best-selling candy books have expanded to include Hubba Bubba and my daughters’ favourite, Skittles. Not just candy, there are fun little games on the inside cover. As a bonus, each Holiday Fun Book contains more than enough candy to share with loved ones, assuming that you want to share, of course.


The Wrigley’s Holiday Fun Books retail for a suggested price of $2.99 and are available in grocery and drugstores nationwide. I’ve definitely seen them at Target and Walmart, in addition to the grocery stores in my area!

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