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Every year we have family pictures taken by Elizabeth Fulton Photography, usually in the spring to coincide with our daughters birthdays, and I usually order a new canvas print to put over our fireplace. I also tend to print some of those pictures to give to our family members or display in the many photo walls we have around the house. Finding a great gift for my husband can be quite a challenge so I was happy to be reminded by that the perfect gift was already on my hard drive! has a variety of specialty prints, which is what I selected. I chose a metal print of one of my favourite pictures of my husband and our daughters for two reasons. First, because I really love the funky look of the photography printed on metal, and second because I have a similar photograph of myself and our daughters printed on metal from a review earlier this year and I think they’re going to make a nice set!

Above is a closer shot so that you can get a better sense of the texture that the metal prints have in person. Don’t forget to add a way to hang your new artwork when you order; I chose the standoff kit for my metal print (those are the 4 aluminum circles in each corner) which complete the cool, industrial vibe that the metal prints give off.  I am very impressed with both the quality of the metal print and the speed of delivery. I believe that there is still time to place your order for a perfectly unique Christmas present!

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