How one little change led to a backyard overhaul

Over the winter, my husband and I discussed what we wanted to do with our backyard this year. I knew that I wanted to update the house and play area with toys that were meant for kids, not toddlers, and I convinced him that it would be fairly inexpensive because we could sell the old toys and use that money towards the new stuff. No big deal, right? Turns out, updating the backyard is just like updating a room inside: you think that it will just be a coat of paint and it turns into a huge  project!

After spending a good part of our May long weekend assembling the climbing dome and new house in the picture above, we realized that we needed to put down some mulch underneath the dome to make it a safe place for the kids to play. In addition to the mulch itself, we needed to buy the weed barrier for underneath, the edging, and the Bagster purchase and trips to the dump to dispose of the useless grass (it wasn’t in good enough condition to sell or give away). Oh, and since we were getting all of that stuff anyways, why not a few shrubs for the front and some new sod to fix the section of lawn that was not coming back to life despite our best efforts?

We’ll add a few more plants to this area, but for now at least it looks a little closer to the garden that our neighbours put in a couple of years ago! My husband worked hard and after 2 days, we had a park in our own backyard.

The girls have spent countless hours playing back there since he finished and since summer has barely begun we know that this was a worthwhile effort! You can see a bit of the kiddie pool that has been used a few times already, There is plenty of space for the pool, or the little splash pad, or the water table, to be put out, and enough grass for running and playing! Of course, now that the kids have such a great space, we bought a new umbrella for shading the patio in the morning sun, and we’re ordering new patio furniture to replace our 7 year old set that has seen better days.

The snowball effect continued: after a week of spending my mornings sitting on the concrete step watching Rowan on her Strider or PlasmaCar, I decided that I needed a comfortable chair. Lots of looking in stores and online, FOUR trips to HomeSense just to get this chair paid for and home, and one day of looking in every store I could think of for an outdoor cushion to tie the green upper cushion and cream seat cushion together, I think it looks pretty good. Now to get my garden to grow a little faster!

Has anyone else started an accidental overhaul this summer?

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